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Lake Erie Pulling is now Gutz-n-Glory Pulling!!!


Gutz-n-Glory Pulling is a family owned organization. Our goal is for everyone to have fun in a safe, family-like setting.


We strive to run a fair competition for all of our participants. Our rules and specs are spelled out on the Rules Page.  Please take a moment to be sure your tractor meets our rules and regulations. 



Check out the News and Info tab for 2018 info.  Your feedback and ideas are welcome!


Pleasantville today, Sept. 15th at 11:00 am! Hope to see you there.








Gutz-n-Glory Pulling is owned by:

Gordon Smith

344 Main Street

Bear Lake, PA 16402

(814) 664-2918

(814) 882-4256 

If you have any questions regarding scheduling or pulling for the 2018 season, please contact him at the numbers or e-mail above.









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